You may not receive your statement for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it may have been withheld because of a billing-related query. If this is the case, you will receive a letter from the City informing you of this.

You should continue to pay the average monthly amount of your bill until the query is resolved. This will ensure that your account won't fall into arrears and result in your services being restricted or terminated.

Your subsequent statement should indicate that the query has been resolved.

If you are not receiving your statement for any other reason, please let us know. Contact our Billing, Invoicing and Distribution Department at, call Joburg Connect on 0860-JOBURG or 0860 562 874, or fax us on 011 381 9377.


Anyone owning a property or receiving a service from the City - be it electricity, water or waste collection - gets a monthly account from the City of Johannesburg.

Most customers receive their accounts through the post, with more than 170 000 customers getting their statements via email in addition to the posted account.
Understanding your statement

Change of information

Not receiving a statement

Consolidating statements

Credit control queries


Statements via email

To receive your statements via email, you need to register with the City's e-Services website via the e-Services link on the City of Johannesburg's homepage.

You will be asked to enter certain personal information and to choose a username and password. Then you can log on using your username and password.

Follow the Account by email links.

You need to keep us informed of any changes in your details:

Change of physical address;
Change of postal address;
Change of telephone numbers - home, work, cell;
Next of kin; and
Change of email address.
You can notify us of any changes by updating your information on the e-Services system or sending an email to or fax us on 011 381 9377.