Pricing your property
Pricing your property

13 March 2008
​Pricing your property

THE MRPA requires us to value a property based on its combined market value; that is the land value and any improvements or building value.

We our proud to have our own in-house team of valuers, whose job it is to estimate the market value of properties in Johannesburg. They use a variety of sources to reach estimations of property values: aerial photography, property publications and estate agents; Title Deeds and recent sales; building plans; on-site inspections; and rental information, where the property produces an income.

Factors such as land size, location, age of improvements, quality of construction and type of accommodation are also considered.

Sectional title properties, factories, warehouses, schools, churches, hotels and golf courses, for example, are valued differently from domestic properties.



Calculating my rates

Step one: Get your valuation from our eServices website.

Step two: Once you have obtained your valuation, deduct R200 000 from the value (if it is a residential A or residential sectional title property). Then multiply the remaining value with the rate in the rand tariff for your type of property from the categories of property below. This will give you your annual rates tariff. Divide this amount by 12 to get your monthly rate.