Valuation roll
Valuation roll

13 March 2008

Validity of the valuation roll

VALUATIONS are made continuously, whenever new properties are created or new townships are declared, or when it is required as prescribed by the MPRA.

Valuation services
For more information about valuation services visit the e-Services site.

These changes to the General Valuation Roll are effected in supplementary valuation rolls, and the same process is followed as for a general valuation roll. The date of valuation always remains fixed until a new general valuation roll replaces the current one.

A valuation roll is valid for four years.

Your rates will, therefore, be calculated on the same value for the four-year period, unless changes have been made that may affect the property's value. A municipality may decide to produce general valuation rolls more frequently.

With the development of new properties, these changes are recorded and new properties valued and included in the City's property database.