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​Johannesburg is determined to create a world-class African city and is investing billions of rands to transform the inner city, boost tourism and encourage hi-tech manufacturing initiatives. Major infrastructure projects such as the Gautrain, to link Johannesburg, the Johannesburg International Airport and Pretoria are already underway.

Potential investors can contact a number of agencies such as Joburg Property Company (JPC), the Johannesburg Development Agency, Gauteng Economic Development Agency and Blue IQ, an investment agency of the Gauteng Provincial Government which is funding a number of major projects in the province but primarily in Johannesburg.

The Joburg Property Company acts as the City's custodian of all council-owned land, developments and facilitation of new property development projects. The Johannesburg Development Agency acts as implementer for a number of Blue IQ projects. Tenders are advertised on their internet sites and can be obtained from their offices. The Gauteng Economic Development Agency is the province's official investment agency and lists investment opportunities on its internet site. These are continually updated

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