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Business Licences
Certain businesses need a licence to operate. Before opening any business find out what the requirements are. You may not begin trading in a business that requires a licence before the licences has been issued. Trading without a valid licence is punishable with a fine of up to R2 000. Licensing is governed by the Business Act No 71 of 1991. 

Businesses that need a licence
If you are running any of the following businesses, you will need to apply for a licence. Please see Schedule 1 of the Business Act 71 of 1991 for details.

Food provision
You need a licence to sell or supply meals, take-aways or perishable foodstuff.

Health and entertainment facilities
You need a licence for:

Turkish baths, saunas and health baths
Massage or infra-red treatments
Male and female escorts
Three or more slot machines and electronic games
Three or more snooker or billiard tables
Nightclubs and discotheques (where live or loud music is played)
Cinemas and theatres
Adult premises.