Investor Relations
Investor Relations
Investor Relations
HE City of Johannesburg is the largest metropolitan city in the country and regarded as the economic
powerhouse of South Africa, and that of the African continent. Joburg contributes over 16% to SA’s gross value added, and also accounts for over 16 percent of the national employment. A leader and key player in the economy - we are a world class African city!

The City continues to follow a policy of upgrading its facilities and as such requires funding the normal levels of replacement capital expenditure while ensuring a smooth flow of its normal service delivery operations. The Treasury division – the City’s central banker - is tasked with ensuring that our municipality is financially sound and committed to excellence and service delivery, and always strives to ensure that budgeted funds are made available in time to support the City’s mandate to residents, investors and South Africa.

The role of Treasury is to provide liquidity to CoJ and its MOEs by sourcing the most efficient financial instruments at the best price and to administer and account for such instruments within the bounds of this policy.  Treasury personnel have the skills to support the City’s on-going financial risk management activities and to ensure that these are carried out in the best interests of the City.

The realisation of the City’s business strategy depends on Treasury being able to take calculated financial risks within the City’s risk tolerance.  Sound management of financial risk enables the City toanticipate and respond to changes in the market environment, as well as make informed decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

As the City’s central banker, our vision is to ensure that at all times the various City departments have enough funds to undertake its activities, all which contribute in achieving the mandate of efficient service delivery to all the residents of Johannesburg. All we are saying is: we are taking our inhabitants along with us to greater heights.

We have a singular focus – to remain a world class African city.