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​​​Daily Newspapers
A morning tabloid aimed at a black readership. It has grown more serious in recent years as its readership has become more middle-class.
Daily Sun 

A racy new mass-market tabloid aimed at the working classes, has been an instant success. It is now the country's largest-selling daily with a circulation around 250 000 by mid-2004.

The country's most authoritative financial daily.

The Star
The city's oldest and best-known daily with a middle-market readership. It has morning and evening editions.

A morning tabloid with a readership among the working and lower-middle classes. It is strong on horseracing coverage.

The country's largest Afrikaans daily, known for its strong news coverage.


​​​Weekly Newspapers

Sunday Times 
The oldest and largest Sunday newspaper and a national institution that offers populist and serious journalism in one package.

Aimed at a black audience, specialises in sport and political muckraking.

Sunday World
Smaller rival to City Press, focuses on celebrity gossip, soccer and local good-news stories.

The country's dominant Afrikaans Sunday newspaper.
Mail & Guardian
An upmarket weekly known for investigative journalism and incisive arts coverage.

Sunday Independent
An upmarket rival to The Sunday Times, known for its opinion columns and features. It has ties to The Independent in London.

Financial Mail
The country's oldest business publication, which is modelled on the Economist.

Daily Sun
The Sunday edition of the daily tabloid.