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​​​​​​​​​Item no.Title
​1Hillbrow, Berea and Yeoville public environment upgrade​2008-01-07
​2GOLF SUNSHINE TOUR-Alex Township gets a brand new driving range​​2008-01-08
​3Mayor Masondo welcomes top world golfers to Joburg ​​2008-01-09
​4City expand antenatal care services ​​2008-01-21
​5SA Fashion Week Winter​​2008-01-21
​6Clean audit report proof of well managed Johannesburg ​​2008-01-30
​7An eventful year for the City of Johannesburg​​2008-01-31
​8DFA Declaratory Order ​​2008-02-06
​9City promote condom use ​2008-02-07
​10Johannesburg introduces new measures to ensure energy efficient development ​2008-02-11
​11JW upgrading pipelines in Joburg South​2008-02-14
​12Park and ride service for Pirates and Sundowns match ​2008-02-15
​13Region F's Open Day Wednesday, 27 February 2008 Yeoville recreaction centre​2008-02-15
​14City's response to the Constitutional Court judgment in the inner city case​2008-02-19
​15Appointment of Chief Executive Officer ​2008-02-25
​16Johannesburg Water Statements​2008-02-25
​17Inner City (Region F) launches 24hour operation restore human dignity​2008-02-26
​18Johannesburg Water customers beware​2008-02-26
​19Opening of Council ​2008-02-27
​20State of the city address ​2008-02-27
​21Lets make the 2010 world cup an event to remember ​2008-02-28
​22Data Quality Management programme to improve meter reading, billing & customer service​2008-03-05
​23Refuse collection during Easter public holidays ​2008-03-10
​24Parks in partnership with Toyota-Champions National Water Week Clean up ​2008-03-13
​25Park and ride service for Super 14 rugby​2008-03-13
​26City ​declare war against TB (Tuberculosis)​2008-03-17
​27New rates tariff approved by council​2008-03-25
​28Residents invited to have their say on city tariffs for water, electricity and waste​2008-03-26
​30JMPD's SMS service ​2008-04-18
​31City to announce agreement to host 2010 International Broadcast Centre​2008-04-21
​32Executive Mayor announces multi million rand upgrade for NASREC ​2008-04-21
​33Joburg to audit its own valuation roll and process​2008-04-30
​34The big picture on Operation Gcin'amanzi ​2008-05-06
​35Establishment of City Improvement Districts in Johannesburg​2008-05-12
​36City condemns xenophobic violence ​2008-05-13
​37Judgement of the Phiri case​2008-05-14
​38Avoid the rush appeals City of Joburg​2008-05-15
​39Johannesburg steps up support to Alex crisis ​2008-05-15
​406 days for ratepayers to lodge objections against the new general valuation roll ​2008-05-21
​41Property owners urged to check rates valuation before looming deadline​2008-05-21
​42Speaker of Council acknowledges humanitarian work ​2008-05-21
​43Council foregoes dinner in support of displaced families ​2008-05-23
​44Mayor Masondo and mayoral committee members meet with members of the diplomatic corps​2008-05-23
​45Joburg launches Children's Council​2008-06-04
​46City only receives 21 000 objections to new valuation roll​2008-06-05
​47Joburg hosts the Second Mayoral Cup​2008-06-06
​48Rates policy is a first​2008-06-13
​49Joburg Executive Mayor calls on all to wage a common fight against xenophobia​2008-06-16
​50Executive Mayor Amos Masondo amongst the people ​2008-06-17
​51Snow falls on Mary Fitzgerald Square for one day​2008-06-17
​52Joburg mayor visits Kliptown​2008-06-18
​53Joint simulation exercise testing our preparedness for major events​2008-06-20
​54Joburg mayor visits temporary shelters​2008-06-23
​55Joburg City Condems Traffic Disruptions ​2008-06-25
​56JMPD officers to return to work following agreement with City of Johannesburg​2008-06-27
​57Joburg hosts exhibition for informal traders ​2008-07-11
​58Johannesburg plays host to visiting Liberian president ​2008-07-11
​59To BRT or not to BRT​2008-07-15
​60Graduation of informal sector entrepreneurs​2008-07-17
​61Birthday message for Madiba from the mayor of Joburg ​2008-07-18
​62COJ on Cosatu protest action ​2008-07-22
​63City Parks promotes a healthy environment and a healthy workforce​2008-07-23
​64City Parks to unveil the 4th 'Township TV' big screen in Joburg​2008-07-24
​65JW replacing pipelines in Malanshof, Randburg​2008-07-24
​66Refuse collection​2008-07-24
​67Mayor pays tribute to chair of JDA ​2008-07-25
​68Statement by the mayor on the implementation of the Eskom additional electricity tariffs ​2008-07-28
​69JW replacing pipelines across the city2008-07-29-
​70Only five weeks left for qualifying residents to apply for rates rebates for2008/9​2008-07-29
​71The City reminds parents of new immunisation schedule​2008-07-29
​72Agreement reached on new Metrobus fares​2008-07-31
​73Joburg AIDS agenda caring for people and the city​​2008-08-04
​74Save with a prepayment electricity meter​2008-08-04
​75Wednesday's Cosatu general strike​2008-08-05
​76COSATU protest action and Pikitup's waste services-update​​2008-08-06
​77Park & Ride services for the Argentina vs South frica International Rugby​​2008-08-06
​78Joburg builds electricity reserves​2008-08-07
​79Alert to residents​​2008-08-12
​81Joburg obtains interdict against illegal construction​2008-08-21
​82Johannesburg Water employee shot on duty​​2008-08-22
​83Only six days left to submit application forrates rebates​​2008-08-25
​84City pools that won't make a splash on time​​2008-08-26
​85Your pharmacy cares for you​2008-08-27
​86City appeals to sectional title property owners to confirm their details​​2008-08-28
​87City prepares to launch sports council ​​2008-08-28
​88Comments made by the official opposition regarding the MPRA ​2008-08-28
​89City to extended opening hours of customer service centres ​​2008-09-01
​90Madiba to plant the 90990th tree in Soweto during Arbor Week​2008-09-01
​91Pensioners living in sectional title properties given until end September​2008-09-01
​92Vitamin A Campaign 20 September 2008​2008-09-01
​93Alignment of billing cycle for Sandton customers ​​2008-09-04
​942008-09-04 Water outage​​2008-09-10
​95City signs MOU with Metrobus and Putco on Rea-Vaya BRT Project​2008-09-11
​96Building sustainable human settlements​2008-09-11
​98Waste collection services to operate as normal on Heritage day 24 September 2008​​2008-09-17
​99JW replacing pipelines in Florida​​2008-09-19
​100City Parks and Toyota partner to clean the-Citys rivers to mark Arbor Month​​2008-09-22
​101Road Works in CBD​​2008-10-01
​102Situation at the Joburg Emergency Management Services ​​2008-10-02
​103Joburg Emergency Management Services-update​​2008-10-03
​104Joburg Emergency Services operational​​2008-10-03
​105Johannesburg's Rea Vaya project an environmental first​​2008-10-07
​106Waste through the ages!​​2008-10-07
​107JFPM CEO is titlebearer for the Boss of the Year 2008​​2008-10-16
​108Sectional title water and sewer billing issue​2008-10-20
​109Telling the story of public transportation in Johannesburg​​2008-10-20
​110Industrial action by Johannesburg Water Employees​​2008-10-24
​111Crime prevention programmes achieving success in Johannesburg​2008-10-29
​112Growing roll out of basic service in Johannesburg​​2008-10-29
​113Johannesburg housing delivery remains on track ​​2008-10-29
​114Mayor Masondo honours military heroes on Remembrance Sunday​​2008-10-29
​115Military units to march through the streets of Soweto​2008-10-29
​116Primary Schools Road Safety Drama Competition ​​2008-10-29
​117Strong growth in Joburg economy​​2008-10-29
​118Moving of Advertising Sign- Killarney Golf Course​​2008-11-05
​119Partial closure of M1 South for sign placement ​​2008-11-05
​120Johannesburg scoops Risk Management award ​​2008-11-06
​121The Executive Mayor Councillor Amos Masondo speaks at a Mid term Report Imbizo​​2008-11-13
​122Abusive resident ordered to perform community service​2008-11-19
​123The inauguration of Orlando Stadium​​2008-11-19
​124City marked World AIDS Day ​​2008-11-28
​125The inaugural Wesbank Street Race in Soweto​​2008-11-30
​126Mayor Masondo distributes aid to AIDS organisations beneficiaries​​2008-12-01
​127JW Supply Chain workshop empowers suppliers ​2008-12-02
​128No threat of cholera in the City of Johannesburg​2008-12-02
​129Johannesburg is making progress  against-crime, Mayor Masondo tells diplomats ​​2008-12-03
​130City condemns illegal ​strike​​2008-12-08
​131City condemns illegal strike​​2008-12-08
​132City customer service centres to close on 27 December 2008 ​2008-12-12
​133City takes steps to rectify billing errors​​2008-12-12
The New Year's Eve concert hosted by the City of Johannesburg and SABC 2​​2008-12-12
​135New Year's Eve Bash​2008-12-15
​136See in 2009 with a smile at the Joburg Carnival​2008-12-15
​137Closure of JRA offices during December Month​2008-12-19
​138City prepares for New Year's Eve bash ​​2008-12-24
​2008 Media Statements ​​