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​​Shoot me to get me out of Jozi​
Astrologer Linda Shaw
ASTROLOGER Linda Shaw moved to Johannesburg from her native Wales when she was a teenager. Now nothing will drag her away from 'the best city in the world'.

ALTHOUGH she was born in Wales, you'd have to shoot her to get her out of Joburg, says astrologer Linda Shaw.

One of the country's most popular astrologers, Shaw describes Joburg as the "best city in the world", where the temperament of people tends towards optimism. The weather has a lot to do with this: "The weather plays a large part in the mood of the people."

Shaw arrived in Joburg at 16, doing her matric here and reading for a BA degree at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. It was straight back to Jozi after that, and she hasn't left since.

Joburgers are open and warm-hearted, she says. "If they meet you on the bus, they'll invite you home for dinner, and you could stay a week."

In contrast, Cape Town has a class or clique system that doesn't exist in Joburg. There is also "so much raw talent here, combined with relatively few rules, which means you can pretty much become what you like".

And that is exactly what she did. After being a journalist working on several publications for more than 20 years, her interest in astrology developed into her profession. She now provides horoscopes for The Sunday Times, Elle, True Love, Fair Lady, Shape, The Big Issue and Salt Water Girl.

Her passion has developed into other areas: she gives motivational talks and teaches astrology and life skills, particularly to women. She is also a Reiki master.

Shaw feels that Joburgers are broad-minded too: she has been able to barter her astrology skills with others' hair or massage skills.

Joburgers are also self-sufficient: a friend who lives in Craighall grows her own vegetables and supplies her friends with eggs from her chickens.

Soaking up the city by going to movies and theatre, Shaw gets her biggest pleasure from just being with friends, drinking wine and talking.

"The quality of people is so fascinating," she says.

Although she still has connections with the United Kingdom, she loathes it, she says. A friend recently moved to Durban and, while she loves it there, the sea does not provide a big thrill for Shaw. So, Joburg it will be, forever.​​