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​Johannesburg, the headquarters of the South African media industry, boasts a lively and remarkably diverse range of media, including newspapers, television and radio stations.

Residents have access to six daily newspapers and eight major national weeklies that keep them informed about current affairs in the city.

Johannesburg is South Africa's centre for television broadcasting, an industry that has become one of the city's major employers. The headquarters buildings of the state-owned South African Broadcasting Services (SABC), on a hill in Auckland Park, are among the city's most prominent landmarks. A spin-off industry of television production companies has grown up in the valleys around the SABC.

There is an astonishing radio hubbub in Johannesburg: more than 30 FM radio stations and almost a dozen AM stations broadcast from or can be heard in the city. There are national and regional stations, as well as community broadcasters that reach local neighbourhoods. The formats span languages from Zulu to Greek, different kinds of music, actuality programming including talk radio, and religious and student stations. Some of the AM stations are available only at night when conditions improve for listening.