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Johannesburg.original.354.jpg•There are 9247km of roads in Johannesburg, of which only 1040km is not t​arred.

•Seventy-one percent of the housing in Johannesburg is adequate.

•There are 180 000 street lights.

•There are 1 780 traffic lights.

•There are 35 cemeteries.

•There are 80 bus routes throughout the city that is serviced by 554 buses.

•There are 100 water towers and reservoirs.

•There are 9 500km of water pipes.

•There are 9 000km of sewerage pipes.

•The city has two active power stations, capable of generating 600mw (megawatts).

•The average travel time for commuters is 72 minutes.

•Ninety percent of the city's people have to walk less than 1km to access their modes of transport.

•Traffic congestion has increased by 26 percent since 1999​.