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budget.png2022/2023 Adjustment Budget​
budget.png​2022-23 to 2024-25 Final Medium Term Budget Reports​
budget.png​2021-22 Special Adjustment Budget
budget.png2022/23-2024/25 Draft Medium Term Budget

budget.png2021-22 Adjustment Budget Reports

budget.png​2021/2022 to 2023/​2024 Final Medium Term Budget Reports
budget.png2020/21 ​Special Adjustment Budget​
budget.png2021/22 Draft Medium Term Budget Reports
budget.png2020/21 Adjustment Budget
budget.pngCouncil Resolution
budget.png​2020/21 Special Capital Adjustment Budget Report​​​ 2020/21
budget.pngAdjustment Budget Supporting Documents 2020/21​
budget.png Budget book 2020​​
budget.png2020-2021 - 2022-23 Medium Term Budget Covering Report
budget.png 2020-2021 - 2022-23 Medium Term Operating Budget Report
budget.png 2020-2021 - 2022-23 Medium Term Capital Budget​
budget.png Council resolution 2020
budget.pngSpecial Capital Adjustment Budget​​
budget.pngSpecial Operation Adjustment Budget
budget.png2020/21 TO 2022/23 Draft Medium-Term Budget
​​budget.png2019/20 Adjustment Operating Budget
budget.png2019/20 TO 2021/22 Approved Medium-Term Budget​
budget.png2019/20 TO 2021/22 Draft Medium-Term Budget​​
budget.png2018/19 Special adjustment Operating and Capital Budgets as a Result of National Government Grant Review​
​​budget.png2018/19 Adjustment Budget Supporting Information
budget.png2018/19 Special Adjustment Operating Budgets​
budget.png2018/19 Adjustments Budget Supporting Information
budget.png2018/19 Opex Adjustment Budget
budget.png2018/19 Capex Adjustment Budget
budget.png2018/19 Adjustment Budget
budget.png2018/19 Budg​et Book​
budget.pngMedium Term Capital Budget Report 2018/19 TO 2020/21
budget.pngMedium Term Operation Budget Report 2018/19 TO 2020/21​
budget.png 2018/19 Draft Budget IDP ​and Tariffs
​​budget.png 2017/18 Adjustment Budget Supporting Information​
budget.png 2017/18 Special Adjustment of the Operating and Capital Budgets​
budget.png 2017/18 Adjustment Operating Budget
budget.png2017/18 Adjustment Capital  Budget
budget.png2017/18 Mid-Year Revisions to the Institutional Service Delivery Budget and Implementation Plan
budget.png 2017/18 TO 2018/19  Medium Term Budget
budget.png 2017/18 – 2019/20 Medium-Term Capital Budget
budget.png 2017/18 – 2019/20 Medium-Term Operating Budget
budget.png 2017 Council Resolution
budget.png2016/17 Budget
budget.png2015/16 Budget Book
budget.png2014/15 Budget
2015 N 2014 IDP books.png2014 AND 2015 IDP BOOKS
IDP.png2015/16 IDP Budget Review
idp (2).png2014/15 IDP