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​​​The Department of Community Development within the City of Johannesburg aims to transform the delivery of sports, arts, culture and libraries by ensuring equitable access, development and excellence at all levels of participation, thereby improving social cohesion, nation building and the quality of life for all in the City of Joburg. Its service delivery model of collaborations and partnerships is aligned to the City’s frameworks like the Growth and Development Strategy 2040 ( GDS 2040) and the Integrated Development Plan (IDP). The Department aligns strongly to outcome 1 and 4 of the GDS 2040, that is to improving the quality of life and development-driven resilience for all and a high-performing metropolitan government that proactively contributes to and builds a sustainable, socially inclusive, locally integrated and globally competitive Gauteng City Region.

The Department of Community Development overlooks the care, and maintenance of 57​ swimming pools, 113 recreation centres, 283 sports facilities, 87 libraries and 11 museums.
A thriving community that is vibrant, knowledgeable and resilient.

We shall achieve this vision by proactively delivering and creating a developmental space that in 2040 is resilient, sustainable and liveable. We shall present a place of choice for knowledge, leisure, cultural exchange, physical well-being and social interaction.​

Core Values 
  • Universality: Services are made available to all residents;
  • Inclusivity: embraces diversity and recognizes that individuals have a right to services and participate in community development matters;
  • Reliability: Perform our duties with integrity, honesty and diligence;
  • Accountability: Takes responsibility for our decisions and actions;
  • Community Centeredness: At the core of caring city, people are cared for in a holistic way- individual growth and development, intellectual, physical, moral, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The department has several directorates, each with separate responsibilities:​​

​Service Directorate