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​​​​Partnerships and Programmes
The department has formed partnerships with stakeholders that support its cause and vision to rejuvenate the inner city and its surrounding suburbs and to ensure that acceptable living standards are maintained in the identified areas through increased by-law enforcement and initiatives such as the Regeneration of the Inner City Programme.
It works closely with various bodies, including:


A variety of programmes have been established to enable the City's Human Settlements Department to meet its mandate of providing housing for all of Johannesburg's residents. 
The programmes it undertakes are:
  • Public Housing Stock Management 
  • The sales and transfers programme deals with the transfer of council-owned housing stock to qualifying beneficiaries. Such transfers are done according to the national and provincial Acts and policies.
  • To effect transfer to the qualifying beneficiary, a housing subsidy is allocated to the beneficiary in terms of the Extended and Enhanced Discount Benefit Scheme. Under this scheme, the beneficiaries are allocated the full subsidy amount.
Sectionalisation of flats

Sectionalisation of council flats is intended to give ownership to people who occupy individual units that are situated on one stand, with common walls, roofs and gardens.
It allows ownership of various parts of a single property by different individuals. This programme is governed by the Sectional Title Act No 95 of 1986, which stipulates the procedures to be followed to establish sectional title schemes and the rules that govern sectional title living.
Upgrading informal settlements

  • The crux of this programme is the upgrading of the existing informal settlements that are located on suitable land into formalised townships.
  • To ensure that these settlements are upgraded, essential services like water and sanitation are provided. The aim of the programme is to provide houses to qualifying beneficiaries.
Formalisation of informal settlements

This programme is carried out in different phases, with the end goal of securing land tenure rights for beneficiaries on an already occupied piece of land.

Top structure construction

The focus of this programme is on the construction of houses, also known as the top structure. Once services like water and sanitation have been installed, the construction of the houses can begin. 

Greenfield development

  • Greenfield programmes target land where no development has taken place. Firstly, the development in the area is formalised; this is followed by the installation of services and lastly by the construction of top structures.
  • Hostel redevelopment programme
  • The focus of the Hostel Redevelopment Programme is to upgrade public and staff hostels from the current single sex units into liveable family or communal units.

Bulk infrastructure

The erection of bulk services such as roads, stormwater drainage and public lighting is the focus of the bulk infrastructure programme. This programme is being implemented across the city. 

People's Housing Process

The People's Housing Process aims to support households that wish to enhance their housing subsidies by building or organising the building of their own homes themselves.

Flat refurbishment

The aim of this programme is to refurbish and maintain council-owned​ flats to functional and habitable levels. Among things that are repaired are leaking roofs, geysers, driveways ​and parking areas. Housing Regional Offices