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Johannesburg Water would like to advise residents of the City of Johannesburg to check  load shedding schedule for their respective arrears on the Eskom and City Power websites as water supply does get affected by power outages.  
In the event of load shedding for the duration  of 4 hours and more, pockets of areas with the City of Johannesburg will have water shortages or even low pressure because JW uses electricity to pump water from the reservoir into the towers. 
Residents are urged to make arrangements by ensuring they have water to last the duration of the outage when they are affected by load shedding and we are in the process of putting together the necessary means/ contracts to lease mobile generators to assist as and when we experience such outages.  Please do not log a call if your area is experiencing load shedding as pressure tends to be low and will only improve when the towers start functioning when the power is restored. Residents are also advised to use water sparingly and that level 1 water restrictions are still in place in the City of Johannesburg. 
Johannesburg Water is committed to provide a sustainable water and sanitation supply to all residents of the City and water bylaws are enforced by fines to consumers who contravened the Water Services By-laws. Consumers are urged to report non-compliance to the JMPD 24/7 hotline on 011 758 9650. 
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