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​​​​​​​​​​​​Item no.​​​​​​Title​Date
1.Sandton Convention Centre is the host venue for the African Union Summit in June​01-06-2015
​2.City to spend R96 million to improve roads in Region C​01-07-2015
​3.Ombudsman Office opens its doors to Joburg residents​01-07-2015
​5. City paves the way to youth opportunities​02-06-2015
A special festive season gift for homeless families​02-12-2015
​12.Vulindlel'eJozi Youth Empowerment Programme Q1 Results​02-12-2015
​14.City in big show of support for a healthy environment​03-06-2015
​15.Housing waiting list verification campaign moves to Region B​03-06-2015
​17.Public Safety arrests their own​03-06-2015
​18.Turning rubbish dumps into sources of food​03-06-2015
19.​City hands over houses vulnerable families​03-08-2015
​21.Mayor supports healthy ageing in the City​03-08-2015
​22.The fallen and holocaust victims to be remembered on parade​03-11-2015
​23.Water interuption notive on 7 and 8 February 2015​04-11-2015
​24.City to clamp down on illegal parking at Gautrain station​04-03-2015
​29.The inner city’s 15-year journey a JDA exhibit that looks at thepast-in-order-to-prepare-for-the-future​04-08-2015
Joburg City Theatres announced the appointment of Claire Pacariz as the new Executive Producer​04-09-2015
​32.Eco-Mobility up and running​05-10-2015
​34.Business Place open for business in Soweto​06-08-2015
​35.Joburg Theatre Youth Development in partnership with Mercury Durban Theatre award winning Mthokozisi Zulu ​06-10-2015
​37.Pikitup launches a free bulky service​07-03-2015
​40.West-Street to come alive with Freedom Ride and Road Safety Family Day​07-10-2015
​41.Sandton milestone for integrating public transport​08-04-2015
​42.Pedal power, TJ 10s to rule the roost in Sandton​08-09-2015
​47.Alexandra Water Crisis​09-06-2015
​48.Joburg looks to Portland to keep lights on​09-06-2015
​49.City ofJoburg hosts health technology conference on 11 12 September 2015​09-09-2015
​51.The Johannesburg Declaration on Ecomobility in Cities will bring the sustainable ​transport message to COP21​09-10-2015
​52.We, the people walk 2015​10-03-2015
​53.IDP-The time to have your say​10-04-2015
​55.City gears up to host Joburg Open 2015​11-02-2015
​57.City’s homeless move a step closer to their dream homes​11-06-2015
​58.City injects R200 million into Turffontein Corridor​11-06-2015
​60.Pikitup ready to host youth summit​11-06-2015
​63.Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination Campaign 2015​12-02-2015
​64.Lufhereng housing development gathers pace​12-02-2015
​66.Joburg in talks with Eskom & residents​​12-05-2015
Joburg Theatre Celebrates Africa Day​​12-05-2015
​69.The City cautions customers against “Changing of banking detail”  scam​​12-05-2015
​71.City to host top African Polo Championships​​12-08-2015
​75.City’s social burial policy comes under review​​​​13-08-2015
​76.Soweto rolls out green carpet for Gary Player​​​​13-08-2015
​77.Bruma regains its former glory​​​​​14-01-2015
​78.Waste can give us power, says Pikitup​14-01-2015
​80.City takes EPWP to a higher level​14-04-2015
​81.The JRA's road resurfacing programme takes off as Bitumen is in supply again​14-08-2015
​82.Africa’s first EcoMobility World Festival Ask your questions LIVE to the Mayor of Johannesburg​14-09-2015
​83.The Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities (AMEU) launches centenary coffee table book​14-10-2015
​84.Demolishing of rundown buildings at Diepkloof hostel​15-04-2015
​85.Water Interruption Notice from 21 to 23 April 2015​15-04-2015
​86.Joburg leads the way in doing business​15-06-2015
​88.JMPD takes Joburg learners off the streets​15-07-2015
​89.City of Joburg Mayor to turn the sod for construction of a multi-million rand health facility​16-02-2015
​90.Sandton, South Africa, Its time to change the way you move!​16-09-2015
​91.The City of Johannesburg's summer safety festive campaign​16-09-2015
​92.New bridge to provide a safe and convenient link for “Great Walk” pedestrians​17-02-2015
​93.Johannesburg to host Africa's first ever Global Entrepreneurship Congress in 2017​​17-03-2015
​95.Mayor remembers June 16 heroes​17-06-2015
​96.Historic AMEU Convention of the Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities ​17-09-2015
​97.No Decision to convert Joubert Park into Temporary taxi holding facility has been made​​17-09-2015
​98.Change in operating hours at Thuso House during holidays​17-12-2015
​99.Beauty and splendour as CIDESCO comes to town​​18-05-2015
​100.City in new move to end Diepkloof Hostel impasse​​​18-05-2015
Jozi unites Africa in song and dance at Joburg Theatre​18-05-2015
​102.Mayor sends condolences to EMS firefighters​18-05-2015
​103.Countdown to Women in MICE​18-08-2015
​106.Joburg launches probe into firefighting procedures​​19-05-2015
​107.Jozi, a youth friendly city: Global survey finds​​​19-06-2015
​110.Joburg Migration Advisory Council intervenes to xenophobic attacks​​​20-04-2015
​111.Restaurants back mayor’s call for health based menus​​​​20-04-2015
​112.City of Joburg will hold a Memorial Service for fallen firefighters​​​​20-05-2015
​113.Joburg goes back to the future walking​​​​​20-05-2015
​114.Strong Government Support for SMMEs at Empowertec Africa​​​​​​20-05-2015
​115.Vulindlel’ eJozi goes to communities​​​​​20-07-2015
​116.Body corporates can apply for a review on tariffs​20-07-2015
​118.Demolishing of old hostel to pave way for Phase 2 Orlando West women's hostel​21-01-2015
​119.Global festival will turn Sandton into ecomobile space​22-03-2015
​120. The future of Johannesburg's transport is being rolled out now​22-03-2015
​121.City of Joburg Executive Mayor will officially open new R10.3 million clinic in Ivory Park​22-04-2015
​122.Joburg’s Draft Rates Policy available for comment​22-04-2015
​123.The EcoMobility World Festival creates opportunities for Joburg businesses​22-04-2015
​124.City’s Rates Policy Review encourages investment in property​23-01-2015
​125.City supports football development initiatives​23-04-2015
​126.City’s net closing on evasive property sellers​23-07-2015
​127.City of Joburg: Massmart Supplier Development Buy Sell Invest and Visit Joburg​23-08-2015
​128.Revenue Customer Service Centres closing early on Wednesday, 23 September 2015​23-09-2015
​129.Platform to grow Africa’s business tourism industry​24-02-2015
​130.City leaders retrace the steps of the giants of 1955​24-06-2015
​131.City spends R67 million on Diepsloot roads upgrade​24-06-2015
​​132.Joburg Smart City gets boost from Microsoft​24-06-2015
​​133.Sister Act comes to Jozi ​24-06-2015


Registration Open for World Congress on Healthy Ageing 2015​​24-07-2015
​136.Joburg Theatre Youth Development in partnership with The Performing Arts Fund (PAF) presents Brecht’s classic play​​24-08-2015
​137.10th Meetings Africa opens in Johannesburg​​25-02-2015
​138.A replacement bus was dispatched after Metrobus plunged off Elizabeth Bridge​25-02-2015
​139.The City invites customers to an open day on at the Roodepoort Civic Centre​25-02-2015
​140.City of Joburg to train 1000 digital interns and finalists of R5m prize for digital ideas to transform the city​25-03-2015
​141.Joburg condemns lawlessness by striking Pikitup workers​25-11-2015
​142.Joburg Theatre Youth Development in partnership with John Tsunke present-“PERFECT DARKNESS”​​25-11-2015
​143.City of Johannesburg presents its Integrated Annual Report 2013/2014/​​26-01-2015
​144.Jozi@Work packages ready for contracting​​​26-01-2015
​145.JRA Strengthning fight against traffic light vandalism​​​26-06-2015
​146.Mayoral Cup 2015 Continue to nurture and Identify Talent​​​26-06-2015
​147.Local Government wage negotiations successfully conclude with no strike action​​​26-08-2015
​148.Women pugilists to go pound for pound​26-08-2015
​149.EcoMobility enters final week​26-10-2015
​151.New section of Sandspruit Bridge in Marlboro opens to traffic​26-11-2015
​152.R&B Legend Mary-J Blige joins BET Experience Africa Line up​26-11-2015
​153.Recognition of City efforts on youth empowerment welcomed​26-11-2015
​154.City hosts international financial conference​27-01-2015
​155.Hack your way into Joburg’s digital success​​27-01-2015
​156.Joburg launches search for digital JEDI​​27-01-2015
​157.Soweto Fashion Week May Edition​​27-05-2015
​158.JRA to inject R99 million into Region B’s roads infrastructure ​​27-08-2015
​159.Promoting Johannesburg as a golfing destination still in full swing​27-11-2015
​160.Alex to get a new R22.5 million clinic​28-01-2015
​161.Joburg launches search for digital interns  ​​28-01-2015
​162.Executive Mayor Parks Tau congratulates Kaizer Chiefs ​29-04-2015
​163.JRA Announces Managing Director Resignation​29-04-2015
​164.City of Johannesburg poised to fast track Smart City project following network transfer from Ericsson SA​​29-05-2015
​165.Green festival on the Hill​29-05-2015
​​168.The City invites customers to an open day on 8 August 2015 in Region G​29-07-2015
​169.Sandton Central Management District partners with Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department to support the world​29-08-2015
​170.City Power appoints new spokesperson​29-09-2015
​171.JMPD Gears up for Easter Road ​Safety Drive KEMOLAO​30-03-2015
​172.City of,Johannesburg official handover of houses to elderly people in Reg G​30-07-2015
​173.Jozi’smfinancial performance solid Fitch ratings agency​30-07-2015
​174.Land Rover Africa Cup 2015 to feature the Continent's top Polo teams​30-07-2015
​175.Newtown Junction where arts, culture and entrepreneurship meet this August​30-07-2015
​176.Three Soweto Bridges Receive an Upgrade​30-07-2015
​178.Joscho develops R200 million Dobsonville housing project creating more than 700njobs​30-07-2015
​179.City of Johannesburg to launch Heritage Month Programme​30-07-2015
​180.Joburg Migration Advisory Council-intervenes-to-xenophobic-attacks​30-07-2015
​​2015 Media Statements​