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Item no​​​​​Title​​D​ate
​1.​City’s Anti-Corruption Unit clamp down leads to arrests​10/01/2017​
2.​Request For Patience At City Licensing Centres10/01/2017
​3.Phishing Alert​​​​11/01/2017​
​4.A new day has dawned for public safety in Joburg13/01/2017
​5.​Is SAMWU for or against corruption?13/01/2017
​6.Report exposes fraud at Joburg Theatre​​18/01/2017
7.​Allegedly Corrupt Property Valuer Arrested Today​​18/01/2017
​8.A call for witnesses against woman caught abusing infant​​23/01/2017
​9.Information circulating on planned maintance that will affect water supply from the eikenhof pump station by Rand Water from 24-25 January 2017 is incorrect​​23/01/2017
​10.JMPD rejects bribe and arrests four armed robbers​​23/01/2017
​11.Coj launching a clean up campaign to deal with Inner City decay​​25/01/2017
​12.The days are numbered for illegal dumpers in COJ​​25/01/2017
​13.Arrest of further seven corrupt officials​​26/01/2017
​14.A Joburg first - New open and transparent tender system​​27/01/2017
​15.City rescues inner-city residents​​27/01/2017
16.​Council approves reintegration of Municipal Owned Entities​​29/01/2017
​17.Lane restrictions M1 double decker bridge​​30/01/2017
​18.Targeted water restrictions to reduce escalating water consumption​​30/01/2017
​19.SAMWU opposition to reintegration betrays workers and residents alike​​30/01/2017
​20.City introduces new operating hours as from 1 February 2017​​31/01/2017
​21.Ivory Park Protests: COJ engages Provincial Government to make roads safe​​31/01/2017
​22.A call for witnesses against woman caught abusing infant​​23/01/2017
​23.Mayor Mashaba to visit Sakhumzi Restaurant, Vilakazi Street​​31/01/2017
​24.​​​Johannesburg​​​ Arts Gallery temporarily closed for repairs after water damage​​ ​01/02/2017
​25.Mayor visits four injured EMS Firefighters in Milpark Hospital​​01/02/2017
​26.It is the end of an era for Jozi@Work patronage​​02/02/2017
​27.MMC to conduct oversight at Joburg Arts Gallery following closing​​​02/02/2017
​28.​​Power outage affecting Johannesburg City Centre​​​02/02/2017
29.​Mayor Mashaba to attend Memorial Service at Sakhumzi Restaurant, Soweto​​​03/02/2017
​30.​​​River Park Clinic re-opens today after consensus was reached​03/02/2017
31.​​​Mayor Mashaba to attend Memorial Service at Sakhumzi Restaurant, Soweto​​​​03/02/2017
​32.River Park Clinic re-opens today after consensus was reached​​03/02/2017
​33.City of Joburg creates awareness on World Cancer Day​​04/02/2017
34.​City of Joburg creates awareness on World Cancer Day​​04/02/2017
​35.Pikitup and JMPD working together to ensure safety of Pikitup workers threatened by Jozi@Work members​​​01/03/2017
​36.9 City officials to appear in Court for theft​​02/03/2017
​37.JOSHCO announces appointment of Anthony Ngcezula as the new Chief Executive Officer​​02/03/2017
​38.MMC Phalatse to send off 'Tour of Light' cyclists in support of CANSA​​02/03/2017
​39.MMC supports cyclists in fight against cancer​​03/03/2017
​40.The City apologizes for issuing incorrect pre-terminations​03/03/2017​
​41.R7.5 million in theft, fraud and corruption uncovered at Joburg Market​​06/03/2017
​42.Mashaba to work with Nigeria to end Xenophobia​07/03/2017
​43.Johannesburg's roads to benefit from R94M Adjustment Budget​07/03/2017
​44.Testing and treatment for TB and HIV are available for free at all City of Joburg clinics​​08/03/2017
​45.Joshco's anti-fraud and corruption campaign​08/03/2017
​46.Tackling illegal dumping and vegetation control: Residents urged to comply​​09/03/2017
​47.Joburg Market corrupt official arrested​​10/03/2017
​48.Investigation into City's R1.3 billion acquisition of Broadband Network​​10/03/2017
​49.City rolls out extended hours to five more clinics following Princess Clinic success​​13/03/2017
​50.Mayor Mashaba to unveil plans to tackle Joburg traffic light challenges​​14/03/2017
​51.City only partially lifts water restrictions in effort to promote a culture of water conservation​​14/03/2017
​52.City officials linked to RDP housing syndicate arrested​​14/03/2017
​53.City Of Joburg Municipal Entities 2015/16 Annual General Meeting​​15/03/2017
​54.Appointment of a new managing director of Pikitup​​15/03/2017
​55.City ready for measles outbreak​15/03/2017
​56.City starts 'No Join' Policy for traffic lights​​15/03/2017
​57.Kudos as Joburg Hosts Successful Global Entrepreneurship Congress​16/03/2017
​58.Effective leadership for City Entities​​17/03/2017
​59.City’s Museums open for free on Human Rights Day​​19/03/2017
​60.City arrests two allegedly corrupt JMPD officers​​20/03/2017
​61.Fine-free' period during Library Week​​20/03/2017
​62.Soweto Country Club is the new home of the Joburg Pro-AM Golf​​22/03/2017
​63.Using sport as a harbinger of hope as we reflect on our Human Rights​​22/03/2017
​64.Easing traffic congestion: City to launch new 24-hour Traffic Hotline​​23/03/2017
​65.Customers can now check their meter reading dates online​23/03/2017
​66.City increases patrols in and around Soweto following reports of rapists disguised as taxi drivers​​24/03/2017
​67.City to switch off lights of iconic buildings and landmarks in support of annual Earth Hour​​24/03/2017
​68.Mayor Mashaba wages war on potholes​​26/03/2017
​69.City extends condolences to Cllr Sedite's Family​​27/03/2017
​70.Level-2 water restrictions partially lifted: How it affects residents of Joburg​​29/03/2017
​71.City of Johannesburg tables IDP and 2017/18 Budget for public consultation​​30/03/2017
72.Mayor Mashaba and Pikitup to lead multi-departmental clean-up campaign in Lenasia CBD​​10/04/2017
​73.Second phase of billing regionalization to kick-in​​​10/04/2017
​74.Caucasian Chalk Circle - Land Distribution Issues​​​11/04/2017
​75.Gospel Spectacular - Easter Festivities at Joburg Theatre​​​​11/04/2017
76.Mashaba requests IPID to investigate Major-General Berning Ntlemeza​​​11/04/2017
77.Residents and City entities work to clean Lenasia CBD​​​11/04/2017
78.Roodepoort Museum temporarily closed for renovations​​​​11/04/2017
​78.ANC disruption of IDP sessions​​​12/04/2017
79.MMC Sifumba to visit libraries in Region G​​​​12/04/2017
80.MMC Ngobeni to host Urban Development meetings for the Inner City​​​​19/04/2017
81.Criminal charges to be laid against ANC Councillors​​​​19/04/2017
82.Mayor Mashaba pledges to build a better Jozi for residents​​20/04/2017
83.Steve Kekana live in Concert in Iphupho the Dream​​​​21/04/2017
84.City seeks public comment on its draft property rates policy and tariffs​​​​​24/04/2017
85.Accreditation details for Joburg State of the City Address​​02/05/2017
86.City Anti-corruption unit makes further arrest07/05/2017
​87.Eldorado Park protests: City to meet with community leaders08/05/2017
88.Mayor Mashaba to unveil R30 Million M2 – Main Reef Road Project08/05/2017
89.Gauteng Provincial Health Department delays Measles Vaccination Campaign09/05/2017
90.JMPD trainee positions: City receives staggering 65 000 applications10/05/2017
91.Protests interrupt services at Customer Service Centres in Region G​10/05/2017
92.​Provincial SAPS and JMPD form joint operation to restore peace in Eldorado Park and surrounds10/05/2017
93.Johannesburg’s M2 – Main Reef interchange to receive a makeover11/05/2017
94.Mayor hosts constructive engagement with community leaders​11/05/2017
95.Electricity outages: City working around the clock to restore power in affected areas14/05/2017
96.15th Edition of the Cell C Take-A-Girl-ChildTo-Work Initiative a beacon for women empowerment18/05/2017
97.Court stops illegal church operation in Yeoville​2017/05/17
98.City experiencing technical challenges with email and online customer statements22/05/2017
99.Hawks to prioritize investigation into allegedly corrupt City Power contractor in Eldorado Park22/05/2017
100.City of Johannesburg billing system under threat24/05/2017
101.Three Joburg Metro buses petrol-bombed during the community protest24/05/2017
102.MMC Sifumba hosts Imbizo on Gender Violence in Region D30/05/2017
​103.Walk My Joburg with Johannesburg Development Agency’s #JoziWalks weekend​​​07/06/2017
​104.City mourns passing of Johann Botha08/06/2017
​105.City embarks on investment promotion campaign in Canada and USA​​​09/06/2017
​106.City of Johannesburg continues the fight against charged officials​​09/06/2017
​107.MMC Ngobeni to launch public consultations on draft by-laws for outdoor advertising​​​09/06/2017
108.City to launch South Africa’s first mobile on-site testing of high voltage power transformers​​12/06/2017
109.Bollywood at Joburg Theatre​​13/06/2017
110.City to launch Women Safety Campaign in partnership with UJ​13/06/2017
​111.R8 Million Robinson Canal Project nears completion​​ 14/06/2017
​112.City’s door to door campaign to defaulting customers​​​15/06/2017
​113.City looking at solutions to tackle housing backlogs​​​15/06/2017
​114.​MMC Mpho Phalatse celebrates Youth Day at Mini Olympics in Eldorado Park​15/06/2017
​115.MMC Nonhlanhla Sifumba to join Youth Day Commemoration in Soweto​​​15/06/2017
​116.Region F Youth Debate​​​19/06/2017
​117.City commemorates 41st year of the Soweto Student Uprising​​​19/06/2017
​118.City reverses cancellation of City Power Lifeline Tariff​​​20/06/2017
​119.MMC Mpho Phalatse to attend World Refugee Day Commemoration​​​20/06/2017
​120.​Robberies on N12: JMPD Freeway Unit on high alert in Lenasia​​20/06/2017
​121.AG Audit Outcomes – Establishing good governance in City of Joburg​​21/06/2017
​122.MMC Phalatse to host regional community workshops on Expanded Social Package​​​21/06/2017
​123.Pikitup working with GDARD to turn illegal dumping sites into community vegetable gardens​​​23/06/2017
​124.City congratulates Premier Makhura on his election as co-president of the Metropolis​​23/06/2017
​125.City conducts raid on Hijacked Buildings in Inner City​​​​​01/07/2017
​126.Mayor Mashaba leads oversight visit to City Power substations​​03/07/2017
127.Mayor Mashaba to launch extended operating hours at 10 of the City’s Libraries​​03/07/2017
​128.New Draft Land Use Scheme a key to economic growth​​03/07/2017
​129.City Launches Extended Hours at 10 City Libraries for our forgotten children​​​​04/07/2017
​130.Joburg receives damning Forensic Report on City Power​​​04/07/2017
​131.Pikitup: City responds to planned picket by Waste Pickers​​​04/07/2017
​132.City saddened by lives lost in fire at Cape York building​​​05/07/2017
​133.Mayor Mashaba pays tribute to world renowned Trumpeter, Johnny Mekoa​​​05/07/2017
​134.Mayor Mashaba to launch R16.4 million Diepsloot Pedestrian Bridge Project​​05/07/2017
​134.City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme Mayor Mashaba to launch R16.4 million Diepsloot Pedestrian Bridge Project​​​06/07/2017
​135.Giacomo Puccini’s LA BOHÈME​​06/07/2017
​136.New pedestrian bridge to create safer passage for Diepsloot residents​​​06/07/2017
​137.Mayor Mashaba to handover title deeds to Braamfischerville residents​​07/07/2017
​138.MEC Mashatile commits a further R147 million to Joburg’s Housing Budget​​07/07/2017
​139.Joburg delivers title deeds to the residents of Braamfischerville​​​10/07/2017
​140.Soweto Country Club upgrades gains momentum​​11/07/2017
​141.City welcomes move by Gauteng Province to curb taxi violence and disruption in Soweto​​​12/07/2017
​142.​​Mayor Mashaba pays tribute to legendary musician Ray Phiri​12/07/2017
​143.MMC Sifumba hosts men’s Imbizo to promote social cohesion​​13/07/2017
​144.Joburg City Parks wins two international awards​​14/07/2017
​145.JMPD enforces traffic management on congested major routes​​​15/07/2017
​146.Mayor Mashaba to commemorate Mandela Day at Greener Pasture Day Care​​​17/07/2017
​147.​102 arrested after Joburg’s raid on Hijacked Buildings​​17/07/2017
​148.Mayor Mashaba to commemorate Mandela Day at Greener Pasture Day Care​​17/07/2017
​149.Mayor Mashaba to launch Vilakazi Street CCTV camera system going online​​17/07/2017
​150.​Tree planted by Nelson Mandela in Soweto, to be unveiled as a ‘Champion Tree’​17/07/2017
​151.​City installs high tech CCTV security on Vilakazi Street​​​​​​19/07/2017
​152.​License renewal forms to be delivered to testing centers today​​20/07/2017
​153.MMC Sifumba to conduct oversight visit on the City’s swimming pool facilities​​20/07/2017
​154.​​City suspends senior official over R1.3 billion MTC Broadband investigation​​​​21/07/2017
​155.MMC Sifumba to continue her oversight visits to the City’s swimming pool facilities​​​25/07/2017
​156.Significant improvements in Joburg traffic lights​​​25/07/2017
​157.117, 483 Potholes fixed for safer roads​26/07/2017
​158.JMPD K-9 Unit recover hijacked truck transporting cargo worth approximately R3 million​​22/07/2017
​156.Cork Avenue bridge accessible following R7.3 Million emergency reconstruction​​​01/08/2017
​157.​MMC Sifumba to launch the Johannesburg Zoo Parkade​01/08/2017
​158.Enhancing investment climate & growing jobs: City offering Property Rebate Scheme​​​02/08/2017
​159.Residents losing their homes to criminal syndicates​​02/08/2017
​160.Mashaba Removes MMC for Economic Development for Alleged Misconduct03/08/2017
​161.City’s ICT division moved to the care of MMC Dagada​06/08/2017
​162.JMPD K9 apprehends suspects for human trafficking​06/08/2017
​163.City Finances in Healthy State​​07/08/2017
​164.City Power to embark on Street Light Maintenance Campaign​​​07/08/2017
​165Ayanda Kanana to head up Joburg Fresh Produce Market​​​08/08/2017
​166.Community meeting postponed due to threats of violence​​​08/08/2017
​167.New MMC to Assume Office in the City of Johannesburg​​08/08/2017
​168.​No-confidence protests: JMPD, EMS and Disaster Management on high alert​08/08/2017
​168.Open day to resolve billing woes​​​08/08/2017
​169.Women Empowerment a focus for the City of Johannesburg​​08/08/2017
​170.​​​Mayor Mashaba launches City wide manhole cover replacement project​​10/08/2017
​171.City of Johannesburg launches monthly cleanup campaign​​​10/08/2017
​172.City of Joburg provides meaningful redress for previously marginalised women​​11/08/2017
​173.​​Billing crisis to be history by end of the 2017/2018 fiscal period​13/08/2017
​174.Langlaagte Testing Station to resume operations after break-in​​​14/08/2017
​175.Mashaba launches City’s A Re Sebetseng Clean-up Campaign​​​14/08/2017
​176.​​Scores of ratepayers to turn-up for #BILLINGOPENDAY​14/08/2017
​177.25 Years of Spring celebrations in Joburg​​15/08/2017
​178.​A Re Sebetseng: City to enforce stronger by-laws​15/08/2017
​179.City of Joburg relaunches the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Joburg Ballet​​15/08/2017
​180.Mayor Mashaba to open new JMPD Satellite Station in Kenilworth​​15/08/2017
​181.​​Residents confirm change has taken root in Joburg​15/08/2017
​182.Call for public to have their say in the draft City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme​​​16/08/2017
​183.City of Johannesburg water policy and registering for expanded social package for customers with prepaid water meters​​16/08/2017
​184.City opens new JMPD Satellite Station in Kenilworth through private-public partnership​​​16/08/2017
​185.​​Former City employee arrested for defrauding the City​17/08/2017
​186.​Mayor Mashaba takes A Re Sebetseng to the Newtown Cultural Precinct​17/08/2017
​187.Setting the record straight on speed law-enforcement in Joburg​​​18/08/2017
​188.Former City employee charged with 94 counts of fraud​​​21/08/2017
​189.Mayor Mashaba to host Mayoral charity golf day​​​22/08/2017
​190.City’s R103.4 million investment in Mayibuye and Kaalfontein yields visible results​​​​​​23/08/2017
​191.City improves credit management function​​23/08/2017
​192.JMPD and EMPD joint operation leads to four arrests and recovery of fraudulent documents worth approximately R10 million​​​23/08/2017
​193.Mayor Mashaba to launch final phase of electrification of Kliptown Ext 11​​​23/08/2017
​194.Residents of Joburg West losing their homes to property hijackers​​23/08/2017
​195.Minister Sisulu commits R188 million to City for Inner City housing developments​​24/08/2017
​196.City continues raids on hijacked buildings in the Inner City​​​25/08/2017
​197.City employee a​nd accomplice arrested for soliciting a bribe​​25/08/2017
​198.City condemns the burning of Rea Vaya Bosmont station​​29/08/2017
​199.City to intensify JMPD operations targeted at scholar transportation​​29/08/2017
​200.Joburg City Theatres Passes on Heartfelt Sympathy to Hillbrow Theatre​​29/08/2017
​201.City continues drive to nullify billing crisis​​30/08/2017
​202.City Power Contractor Arrested for corruption​01/09/2017
​203.29 arrested after City’s raid on Hijacked Buildings​     01-09-2017
204.Arrest Following Illegal Sale of City Property​​03/09/2017
205.​​City calls on communities to help protect local sanitation facilities​​​04/09/2017
206.​​Jozi@Work: Anyone wishing to trash our City will face the full might of the law​​​04/09/2017
207.​​A Re Sebetseng: City visits Kigali to study word class waste-management system​​​05/09/2017
208.​City arrests copper cable thieves following call for public assistance​​05/09/2017
209.Mayor Mashaba launches the R674 million public transport loop​​​​05/09/2017
210.​The days of copper cable thieves in Johannesburg are coming to an end​​05/09/2017
211.​City of Johannesburg successfully launches the 2017 Arts Alive Programme​​06/09/2017
212.ANC seeks to reverse the progress towards change​07/09/2017
213.​Johannesburg Zoo reinstated as a member of the Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria​​​​07/09/2017
214.​Military explosives recovered by JMPD K9 Unit​​​07/09/2017

Power restored to Inner City

216.City comes to the aid of 280 former Midrand Council workers​
217.​City spearheads first of a kind entrepreneurship ecosystem symposium​​13/09/2017
218. City of Joburg successfully launches EDMS Project​​
219.Spruit Day 2017 brings Joburgers amass for annual clean up​
220.Three people arrested for possession of stolen City goods​
221.​Inform City Power of your power loss through logging a fault​
222.​City partners with Deaf SA – Gauteng and NGO’s to celebrate International Week of the Deaf​18/09/2017

223.​Mayor Mashaba to sign the Negotiation Framework Agreement with public transport operators​

224. Study confirms City’s prospects for increased revenue​​18/09/2017
225.​Mashaba conducts oversight visit to Braamfischerville​
226.​A good day for golf in the City of Johannesburg​20/09/2017
227.City acts against poorly performing contractors in Braamfischerville​
228.​A good day for golf in the City of Johannesburg​​20/09/2017
229.City of Joburg Launches Anti- Drug Summit​
230.​Mayor Mashaba to unveil upgrades to Soweto Country Club and future of the Joburg Open20/09/2017
231.​City intensifies the fight ag​ainst drugs​21/09/2017
232.​City takes firm action against individuals trashing CBD​21/09/2017
233.City takes firm action against individuals trashing CBD​21/09/2017
City warns customers who withhold payment for services rendered​21/09/2017
Criminals hijacking buildings through fraudulent transfers
226. Aresebetseng" Let's work together to build a better Joburg​ 30/09/2017

​2017 Media Statements​