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The Member of the Mayoral Committee for Environment and Infrastructure Services in the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Jack Sekwaila, reaffirms the City’s commitment to conduct comprehensive cholera monitoring within river catchments.

In collaboration with Environmental Health of the City of Johannesburg, the Environment and Infrastructure Service Department conduct monthly sampling at strategic selected points within rivers, streams, and dams to assess various parameters, including physical characteristics, aesthetic qualities, chemical composition, and microbiological properties. Cholera is normally tested from October to May at Juskei and Kliprivier catchments.

Amid the recent concerns surrounding the detection of cholera downstream of Rand Water’s abstraction sites, the Environment and Infrastructure Services Department wishes to reassure the public that the surface water samples collected as part of the surface water quality monitoring programme have consistently yielded negative cholera test results. 

The most recent round of cholera tests conducted in May 2023 confirmed the absence of the disease within the monitored areas.

Meanwhile, Johannesburg Water has assured me that the City’s water is safe to drink and it has proactive monitoring systems to detect any risks. 

Joburg Water will continue monitoring and test for microbiology, physical, aesthetic and chemical determinants to ensure the public about the excellent drinking water quality. It will also continue to conduct test on the water in stationary and mobile tankers at some informal settlement and reservoirs across the City.

The City of Johannesburg remains vigilant and proactive in its efforts to prevent and monitor the spread of the disease. Continuously, cholera monitoring activities are being conducted in collaboration with Environmental Health, ensuring that potential risks are identified, and appropriate measures are implemented promptly. Residents are urged to refrain from using streams and rivers for drinking, washing, swimming, playing and religious purpose such baptism.

Issued by the Office of the MMC Environment and infrastructure Services Department, Cllr Jack Sekwaila