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Oversight Committee


The corporate and shared services directorate is the nuts and bolts of the City’s administration. As such it needs to be solid, dependable and reliable. The directorate was set up to streamline the City’s administration, making sure it is run on efficient and professional lines. It has a vast range of responsibilities, from managing employees’ leave, to organising the catering for mayoral functions, to maintaining public conveniences, among many other tasks.

It operates in accordance to the City’s crucial Growth and Development Strategy, ensuring an orderly use of common resources. The corporate and shared services directorate’s mission is to provide an effective and efficient strategic support service that meets the standards of a world-class African city to all of the City’s business units.

The department’s structure
  • The corporate and shared services directorate is divided into six sub-directorates:
  • Human resources shared services;
  • Labour relations;
  • Administration and support;
  • Facilities management and maintenance;
  • Occupational health and safety management; and
  • Finance, fleet and contract management. 

The department has identified several key objectives that must be met for Johannesburg to be a world-class African city:

  • The effective and efficient management of its sub-directorates;
  • Providing a comprehensive human resource management service to the City;
  • Ensuring sound employee relations;
  • Ensuring proper management of all public conveniences and managing the performance of outsourced contractors; and
  • Maximising client and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Programmes and projects computer Given its core responsibilities, the corporate and shared services directorate has established a number of programmes and projects, designed to help it meet its expectations more efficiently.

Anti-fraud and corruption programme;
  • Occupational health and safety programme aimed at 100 percent compliance rate;
  • Disability access programme aimed at 100 percent accessibility to all City of Johannesburg buildings for people with disabilities;
  • Public conveniences programme, including the development of new amenities and the maintenance of existing ones;
  • Metro Centre programme aimed at 100 percent clean and safe environment for City employees and the general public;
  • Human Resources Shared Services Centre development programme;
  • Strategic labour relations programme;
  • Strategic human resources programme;
  • Fleet management programme aimed at reducing the City’s insurance fund liability through proactive fleet management and fleet contract compliance;
  • Logistical support programme to ensure higher levels of internal client satisfaction in respect of all administrative support services;
  • Food and beverages support programme; and Internship and learnership programmes.​

Group Corporate and Shared Services