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​Suppliers Lists

Director: Supply Chain Management Unit
To ensure all prospective suppliers of goods and services are afforded a "fair, transparent and equitable" process in applying for business opportunities, the City has set up a single supplier database.​

According to the Municipal Finance Management Act of 2003, Johannesburg is required to create and maintain a "credible and accredited" supplier database of prospective providers of goods and services. "The Act makes it obligatory that the City utilises only accredited suppliers registered on the database when acquiring and procuring different goods and services," Peele says.

"The City will not do business with suppliers that are not accredited and registered on the database, and do not have a valid City of Johannesburg Vendor number.

"In terms of best supply chain management practices, it is always advisable to know your suppliers, and, therefore, the City has extended the use of the database to tenders as well." Tenders, however, will still be advertised in the public media.

"Prospective suppliers have to meet certain criteria to be accredited", says Peele.

"Anyone can apply, be it black or white, a sole proprietor or a registered business entity, small or big business entities. Start-up companies will also be accommodated."

For a company to qualify for accreditation, it has to be duly registered and must comply with the applicable legislation.

"All application forms should be accompanied by a latest municipal rates and taxes statement and valid tax clearance. If the company's municipal account is in arrears and tax status not in order, they won't be accredited. All required information is spelled out in the application form."

The BEE status of a company must also be specified. "But this does not mean non-BEE complying companies need not apply."

Other requirements that must be included in the application include trade experience and the financial capacity of the company. Start-up companies without any trade experience or financial history may also apply, Peele says.

The supplier registration application form can be collected at the Supply Chain Management Unit's offices on the 15th Floor, Metro Centre.

Completed forms must be submitted at the Main Entrance, Metropolitan Centre, Ground Floor, 158 Loveday Street in Braamfontein. No faxed or e-mailed application forms will be considered.