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​​Information about Quotations
Important information about quotations
  • R0184/15 PIK 034/2015 R0227/15 R0237/15 Supply, Deliver and installation of two(2) chemical toilets and servicing for a period of six(6) months
  • ​R0289/15 RE- ADVERT Supply and delivery of freezer protective clothing R0149/16  
  • R0020/16 RE- ADVERT Incineration of ± 7  Ton of old  JMPD uniform 
  • ​ Events Management for Public Transport Adventure   R0241/16Supply and Delivery of Equipment for Transport Months Events Repairs and Servicing of two (2) Horiba APSA 370 and two (2) Metone Bam 1020 at Ivory Park and Diepsloot Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations for the City’s Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network R0310/16 R0327/16 Supply and deliver for Corporate Gifts   R0348/16R0365/17
Terms Of Reference  (TOR) for NMISA calibration gases for the City's ambient Air quality monitoring gas analysers.

  • ​Qualified service provider to assist the legislative and oversight directorate with organising and managing of the strategic planning session.
  • R0416/17Supply and deliver for photographic equipments.
  • R0470/17 Appointment of a supplier for the supply and delivery of electronic equipment, gardening machinery, ETC to Pikitup sites.
  • Actuarial services regarding the valuation of Post-Retirement Employee benefits (As per GRAP 25) for the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality and its respective municipal entities this valuation is for the annual financial statements for period ending 30 June 2017.
  • Repairs and maintenance of Queens wetland bio filter (Green Infrastructure) located in De Wetshof Johannesburg R0572/17 R0569/17 R0578/17 RE-ADVERT R0636/17 R0649/17 Dust coat  (Khaki).
  • R0663/17Supply and delivery of vacuum cleaners.
  • Supply and delivery of retractable safety scalpel blades.
  • Request for quotations to procure 40 Zartek, 900 lumens headlamp & bicycle lights for Group Forensic and Investigation Service Corporate Uniform.
  • Supply and delivery of professional high pressure water supply and delivery of printing chemicals​.