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​​​Property Refunds
In the case of a land transfer, an attorney's letter must be sent to the City. Land transfer refunds are refunded to the transferring attorney unless otherwise stated. The refund process only begins once confirmation from the Deeds Office is obtained regarding change of ownership. Land transfer refunds take up to nine weeks from registration.

Documents needed:

- Original ID of person collecting the cheque;
- Signed attorney's letter on letterhead, authorising collector and collector's details,
- Electricity and water accounts

If a refund on electricity and water accounts is required, a finalisation of services account form must be completed at a Customer Service Centre.

A copy of your identity document and proof of all payments made into the account after the finalisation date must accompany the request. The refund will be paid to the account holder.

Finalisation of services account refunds take three to four weeks. If a refund is for a joint account, copies of both individuals' identity documents and a letter of consent agreeing for the cheque to be paid to one individual, must be submitted.

Documents needed:

Original ID of account holder, if not collected in person;
Original ID of person collecting cheque;
Signed letter from account holder authorising collector and collector's details;
If the account is held by more than one person, all account holders should sign the letter and the name of the person to whom the cheque must be paid.


For payments made towards an overcharged account, an adjustment must be made and the account must be in credit before a refund may be issued.

Outstanding refund

Outstanding refunds are refund applications that are older than three months.

You can log a request for payment through any Customer Service Centre, the Customer Service Centre at Thuso House, 61 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, any paypoint, the eservices website, or by calling Joburg Connect on 0860 56 28 74 or 0860-JOBURG.

Payment for outstanding refunds may take longer than current refunds, particularly those before 1999, when our computer system was updated.
In addition, further delays may be caused by the need to confirm if the water and power meter readings dates are correct, and to confirm proof of payment, either by original receipt or by contacting your bank for a copy of the appropriate bank statement.

Applying for a refund
The City of Johannesburg’s Revenue & Customer Relations Management Department has a new process on the application of refunds in the City of Johannesburg Click here​.​